The Art of Diablo first launched in 2019, giving fans an in-depth look at the world of Sanctuary. Now, five years later, the book is getting a long-overdue sequel. The Art of Diablo: Volume 2 is now up for preorder ahead of its July 23 release. However, it’s The Art of Diablo: Volume 2 Limited Edition that’s the most enticing preorder, as it features a unique hardcover design along with a handful of other collectibles. It arrives on November 5–and since it’s bound to be popular, it’s a good idea to snag a preorder soon. Both editions are eligible for Target’s B2G1 free sale during Circle Week, which features thousands of deals ahead of Prime Day 2024.

If you’re looking for something more affordable, the standard version of The Art of Diablo: Volume 2 is available for $42 (down from $45). It doesn’t get you the fancy cover or premium prints, but it contains all the same commentary and concept art. You’ll find it at both Target and Amazon.

Target’s gigantic buy two, get one free sale includes plenty more Diablo books–so if you have other items on your wishlist, this is a good chance to cross them off for cheap. There are plenty of Diablo books to consider, including the Diablo: Horadric Vault Complete Collection, which gets you a four hardcover books narrated from the perspective Cain, Tyrael, Adria, and Lorath as they reveal hidden details of Sanctuary.

This B2G1 free deal is limited to Target Circle members (signing up is free and fast), and once you’re a member the discount will automatically kick in after adding three eligible items to your cart. Amazon is also hosting its own B2G1 free sale ahead of Prime Day. Once you’re done checking out these deals, you’ll find even more at our Prime Day Hub, which rounds up all the best discounts ahead of Amazon’s shopping holiday.

Best Diablo B2G1 Free Books

Diablo: Horadric Vault Complete Collection (Hardcover) — $59 ($100)Diablo: Tales from the Horadric Library (Short Stories, Hardcover) — $19 ($30)Diablo: Book of Lorath (Hardcover) — $17 ($30)Diablo: Book of Adria (Hardcover) — $17 ($30)Diablo: Book of Tyrael (Hardcover) — $23 ($30)Diablo: Book of Cain (Hardcover) — $26 ($30)Diablo: The Sin War Book One (Paperback) — $15Diablo: The Sin War Book Two (Paperback) — $10 ($15)The Art of Diablo: Volume 1 (Hardcover) — $35 ($45)Diablo: The Black Road (Paperback) — $10 ($15)Diablo: The Kingdom of Shadow (Paperback) — $13 ($15)Diablo: Moon of the Spider (Paperback) — $14 ($15)Diablo: Legacy of Blood (Paperback) — $10 ($15)Diablo: Storm of Light (Paperback) — $15 ($17)Diablo: Legends of the Barbarian (Hardcover) — $13 ($20)Diablo: The Official Cookbook (Hardcover) — $24 ($35)Diablo: Book of Prava (Hardcover) — $30 | Preorder, Releases October 1Diablo: Legends of the Necromancer (Hardcover) — $25 | Preorder, Releases July 16


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