The official Steam Deck Dock clocks in at a hefty $89–and after dropping more than $400 on the handheld PC, that might be a bit more than your budget can handle. Thankfully, there are already a variety of third-party docks on the market that are fully compatible with Steam Deck and carry a much lower price tag. In fact, right now you can pick up a highly reviewed Steam Deck Docking Station for just $35, down from its usual $50.

Better yet, it can be used with other products that support USB-C connections, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. And with the ability to broadcast games in 4K at 60Hz, it matches up nicely with the specs of the official Steam Deck Dock while still carrying a reasonable price tag.

Typically sold for $50, the Docking Station is now just $35–so head over to Amazon and snag one while you can. Not sold on this unit? Then consider checking out JSAUX’s Docking Station for Steam Deck which is also on sale ($40, down from $50) and managed to earn a spot in our roundup of the best Steam Deck accessories.


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