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While these positions do impose authority, and responsibilities upon the person holding the office they do only have one vote along with other admins regarding clan decisions.  They are not exempt from clan discipline or requirements and may be removed from office at any time with a majority vote of the current active admins. 

CEO – Full oversight and responsibility for all clan operations.

Chief of Staff – Coordinates the administration and staff of TPT across all platforms (game, Discord, website, etc.) also provides oversight to all clan operations in conjunction with the CEO.

Chief of Community Relations – Works with the staff, and clan to coordinate recruiting efforts, plan recruiting events, plan clan only events, and work with anything that has to do with growing the clan or keeping morale up within the clan.

Treasurer – Maintains records and control of all clan funds (clan paypal, clan cashapp, etc.) is responsible for reporting on clan funds and expenses at all staff meetings/clan meetings. 

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